This winter will be very hot thanks to Mythic who announced plans to add two new classes to their growing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The Empire’s Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Dark Elf Black Guard are the heavily armored warriors to be added and, according to the developers, they have only one thing in common: they can take as much punishment as they deal out on the battlefield!

The Knights of the Blazing Sun are devoted to the cult of Myrmidia, goddess of warfare and protector of civilization. These frontline combatants specialize in Battlefield Commands, using applied tactical knowledge to outmaneuver their enemies and lead their allies to victory.

The Dark Elf Black Guard, on the other hand, care little for tactics or guile. The embodiment of hatred and disdain, they make up the elite of the Witch King’s soldiers. Equipped with the finest armor and sharpest blades, the Black Guard is an indestructible wall of hate against which all foes are crushed.

There is no specific release date announced, but we’ve got the feeling that Santa will be coming a bit early to Warhammer Online fans.