final-fantasy-screenA new Final Fantasy MMO, Final Fantasy XIV has been announced during the E3 media summit this year, but except for one short teaser we had absolutely nothing about the game. Fortunately, the Famitsu magazine has released an eight minute video offering some details on the upcoming game from Square Enix and thanks to ScrawlFX we now have the details too.

So, we are first told that FFXIV is set in Eorza, a region from Vana’diel (known by players from Final Fantasy XI). The feeling of this region will be more modern, with advanced technology and ships – unlike the medieval feeling of the virtual world in the past MMO.

The main focus of Final Fantasy XIV will be the character’s growth, even though – strangely – there will be no experience gaining in the game. Which means that it might be a bit more casual, too, and probably the evolution of the players will be based on their age, which again doesn’t seem that fair.

“This will be a Final Fantasy that brings the setting to a whole new world that you can experience with the new friends you will meet.” said Nobuaki Komoto, director of Final Fantasy XIV. “I welcome you to join us in the world of Final Fantasy XIV and hope you enjoy your time there. You can trust that we plan to create a world of new possibilities that redefine the MMO. I hope you’re looking forward to everything we have in store.”

Big words, but honestly, I am not that impressed. Somehow, I was expecting far more. Hopefully the next batch of details on Final Fantasy XIV will be more interesting.