The Stupidest Pop Quiz Ever in Monster Prom is one of the first things you have to go through in the game in order to get some stat boosts and extra hearts with one of the in-game characters.

However, these questions are not only randomly sent your way each time a new game starts, but also the answers are not obvious on the stats they will influence. But if you check out our guide to all the questions in the Stupidest Pop Quiz Ever in Monster Prom, you will know what to expect and it will be a lot easier for you to boost specific stats and the relationship with one of the in-game characters.

The Stupidest Pop Quiz Ever always has three questions for you. The first two will boost your stats, while the third will give you an extra heart with one of the dateable monsters. As I said, the questions you get are random, but now that you will know what effect each of the answers has, it’ll be easier for you to make your choices.

We’re listing below the entire question and only part of the answer, also indicating either the stats that they are influencing or the character they’re giving you extra hearts for. If you want to search for a specific question, simply hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard and type the first few words.

Now here are all the questions, answers and effects of the Stupidest Pop Quiz Ever in Monster Prom:

Q: What is your spirit emoji?
(FUN): Octopus.
(BOLDNESS): Snowman.
(CREATIVITY): Guy with turban.

Q: If you could put a curse on your worst enemy, what would it do?
(SMARTS): Radiation.
(BOLDNESS): Disguised panther.
(CHARM): Fad diets.

Q: The coolest reality show would be…
(CHARM): Potato seduction.
(SMARTS): People in positions of power.
(MONEY): Rich people.

Q: A radioactive possum just bit you… what superpower did you get?
(SMARTS): Rabies.
(CREATIVITY): Writing fan fiction.
(CHARM): Emoji combinations.

Q: If you had to have s*x with an animal… which animal would it be?
(CHARM): Shark.
(SMARTS): Human.

You can also get these potential answers to this question

(MONEY): Horse.
(BOLDNESS): No one can make me f**k an animal.
(FUN): Dolphin.

Q: Be a visionary: what will the next big social media craze be?
(CHARM): Robert.
(MONEY): Bull$hit.
(SMARTS): Greek Agoras.

Q: Democracy is just broken. What would be the best way of choosing the leaders of modern society?
(FUN): America’s Next Top President.
(BOLDNESS): Grizzly bear.
(CREATIVITY): Violin solo.

Q: School is outdated and lame. We need a new school subject ASAP!
(CHARM): Turning people into puppets.
(SMARTS): Critical thought.
(BOLDNESS): Punching a crocodile.

Q: It’s your chance to fix global warming. Go ahead!
(FUN): Sun mission.
(MONEY): World is doomed.
(CREATIVITY): Global warming isn’t real.

Q: Which is the coolest mythological creature?
(MONEY): The invisible hand of the free market.
(FUN): A rapping sphinx.
(CREATIVITY): This weird creature I drew.

Q: What would be the coolest prize you could find in your box of cereal?
(SMARTS): A more nutritious breakfast option.
(BOLDNESS): A tiny piece of small metal.
(CHARM): The tiger’s phone number.

Q: You get the chance to produce a movie. It’s based on…
(MONEY): Superheroes.
(BOLDNESS): Explosions.
(FUN): Russian novelists.

Q: Which god do you pray to each night before sleeping?
(SMARTS): Praying is for fools.
(MONEY): All kinds of gods.
(CHARM): Praying is kind of lame.

Q: Which inanimate object do you think would make the best girlfriend or boyfriend, provided you went criminally insane?
(FUN): A d***o, duh.
(CREATIVITY): A human-size pillow.

Q: You wish you were raised by…
(FUN): A mysterious old man.
(MONEY): Wild wolves.
(BOLDNESS): A venomous snake and fire.

Q: You build a 100ft statue commemorating an event so that in 1000 years archaeologists can learn something about the people of our time. What does the statue represent?
(FUN): Stopped embarrassing drunk texts.
(BOLDNESS): Devoured political figure.
(CREATIVITY): Mind-blowing TV show twist.

Q: You’re elected president for a day. What’s the first law you pass?
(SMARTS): Trivia fact.
(CREATIVITY: Sonnet taxes.
9CHARM): One dollar bills.

Q: The world will end tomorrow… what will you do today?
(LIAM): I’ll finish my novel…
(POLLY): I always party as if there were no tomorrow… so who cares?
(SCOTT): 100 push-ups!
(MIRANDA): It’s okay!
(DAMIEN): Nobody ends the world but me!
(VERA): They always tell you the world is ending…

Q: What would be a deal-breaker for a potential lover?
(LIAM): The person lacks taste.
(VERA): The person is mediocre.
(MIRANDA): The person lacks manners.
(POLLY): The person is boring.
(SCOTT): The person hates the outdoors.
(DAMIEN): The person is a coward.

Q: What would be you dream first date?
(VERA): A professional meeting.
(POLLY): A wild party in international waters.
(LIAM): An art exhibition.
(SCOTT): A sweaty and manly wrestling match.
(MIRANDA): A lovely walk in the forest…
(DAMIEN): Crimes.

Q: If you were an ice cream… which flavor would you be?
(VERA): Success.
(LIAM): Double creme de la Gruyere and meringues.
(POLLY): Tequila and coke.
(DAMIEN): Spicy chocolate. No… chocolate ON FIRE!
(MIRANDA): Rainbows and gummy bears.
(SCOTT): Meat!

Q: Your partner just gave you a cool gift for your anniversary but you totally forgot! Quick, come up with an idea for a great gift!
(POLLY): Anything capable of leading them to an overdose of some sort.
(VERA): The head of their fiercest enemy.
(SCOTT): A silly toy that makes silly noises.
(MIRANDA): A pony. Always a pony.
(LIAM): The abstract concept of gratefulness.
(DAMIEN): Anything on fire. Or a weapon. No no: a weapon on fire.

Q: What criteria would you use to name your children?
(LIAM): A non-heteronormative name.
(SCOTT): Something simple and friendly.
(VERA): I will research for a name that is pun-proof and joke-proof.
(MIRANDA): My name + “II” (the Second).
(POLLY): Meh… no name?
(DAMIEN): Just a swear word.

Q: What would be the most appealing in a love partner?
(DAMIEN): A big… horn.
(LIAM): Sharp wits.
(MIRANDA): Kawaii eyes.
(POLLY): A taste for party.
(VERA): A very tsundere personality.
(SCOTT): Soft fur.

Q: What would be a killer accessory?
(VERA): A fabulous purse made from the skin of your worst enemy.
(DAMIEN): Fancy brass knuckles.
(LIAM): Coolness itself.
(SCOTT): A necklace with your own name.
(POLLY): Sunglasses… at night.
(MIRANDA): Shiny armor.

Q: You find a genie in a bottle. You can ask for whatever you want. What do you ask for?
(DAMIEN): I drink the genie.
(LIAM): …Him to not be so cliched.
(POLLY): Infinite confetti!
(VERA): You try to negotiate up to the three standard wishes.
(SCOTT): …His friendship!
(MIRANDA): A rainbow that you can eat!

Q: What’s the sexiest type of knowledge a lover can have?
(SCOTT): Sports things.
(MIRANDA): Lyrics to all Disney songs.
(POLLY): How to make a killer cocktail out of anything.
(DAMIEN): How to set stuff on fire.
(LIAM): Obscure 80s movie trivia.
(VERA): All the principles to build a financial empire.

This is it! You know now what each possible answer to the Monster Prom quiz does in the game and you’ll have a much easier time when it comes to boosting your stats and getting a head start with one of the characters in the game.