Monster Prom has been growing as one of the most exciting and promising dating sim games considering it offers users the possibility to play with a multiplayer option. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is related to the Monster Prom endings and how we can have secret endings.

In this Monster Prom guide, we will explain to you how to play different endings and discover new and secret possible endings for all characters. That means that you will have to play the game several times in order to discover the different endings.

Moreover, it is worth taking into account that it is very important to go for the long game route in both multiplayer and single-player. This would allow you to have several days in order to build up the stats and items required to unlock a specific ending.

Secret Ending 1: Polly – Reverse Romanian Wilkinson

This is perhaps the easiest ending in the game considering that Polly has very straightforward answers. It is possible to see what she loves and what she really likes, generally, the funniest answers are the ones that attract her the most.

This is why in this Monster Prom guide we consider that users should select the answers that would fit the best to Polly. To get prepared for it, collect money and gather funds, you will need them later. $10 is a good amount to start and move forward.

Get close to Polly and go to the cafeteria for lunch. Eventually, she will tell you that she regrets not doing the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson, which you should answer that you perfectly know what this is.

As you keep moving forward with this game, The Coven will talk to you about this Reverse Romanian Wilkinson and what it is needed for it. After it, you will receive the marbles, one of the required items you will need for the ending.

Furthermore, you will have to meet with Valerie, the storekeeper. Purchase to her a Penguin mask. Remember that when you do so you will suffer a hit to the Smarts stat. Moreover, you will also have to arrange a meeting with a person that sells guacamole, you will want him to give you this guacamole for free, so try convincing him to do so.

After it, you can invite Polly to go to prom with you. This will allow you to experience the Romanian Wilkinson you were waiting for.

Secret Ending 2: Damien (Hairdresser)

In order to complete the game with this ending, you will need to have very high Boldness ratings. Try focusing on this and things will be easier then. That means that you can start interacting with some characters that would increase your Boldness stat.

In order to move forward, your Boldness stat must be above 13 and other stats should be around 10. Once you have done that, go to the Library. If everything goes as expected, you will talk to Liam and eventually discover Damien. He will talk to you about how much he wants to become a hairdresser in the future.

In this conversation, you should tell him that when you see a loved one in a near-death experience would increase creativity. This would push Liam to shot you in the leg and Damien will give you a makeover.

Move forward in the game and boost your stats. You will eventually need more than 17 of Boldness and more than 10 in fun to succeed. Talk to Damien and build your relationship with him. Invite him to prom as the date gets closer, he will confess that he also doesn’t know how to share with his parents that he wants to become a hairdresser.

This is the most important moment to unlock the secret ending. Say to him that through violence and a very funny moment will begin.

Secret Ending 3: Valerie – Character Ending

In this Monster Prom guide, you have learned how to unlock two secret endings. However, there is another one that you would love to know about.

Going to prom with Valerie shouldn’t be a difficult problem. It is a straightforward thing to do if you follow the steps we will share with you in this article.

The first thing you need to do is to visit the Library and receive +2 in Wealth. This is very important because you will need it to end with this character. As soon as you have it, you will have to visit the shop three times in a row and buy nothing. This is where things get exciting.

After you do so, Valerie will interact with you and tell you that the next time you will finally get her. Nevertheless, things get a little bit more tricky after it. You thought you were going to go to Prom with her so easily?

The next time you go, she will be arguing with Slayer. Make sure that you select the first option in the dialogue to continue. While playing the game, visit the library and increase your Wealth and Boldness if you want to succeed.

When you will visit the Library the next time, the Covenant will be there with Valerie. Select always the first dialogue choices in order to pick the right answers for her. After it, during the 6th week in the evening, meet with Valerie outdoors and fight the Prince. You will need a high Boldness in order to start a fire, which is the option that you should select. It is recommended to have more than 15 in Boldness.

When the option to go to prom appears, go alone. However, Valerie will be waiting for you as a surprise made by the game. This is one of the funniest endings of the story.


In this Monster Prom Guide, we shared with you how to play alternative, secret and hidden endings with different characters. The game allows you to experiment with different endings and stories that develop in a wide range of ways. This is why Monster Prom ends up being a very interesting game to play in single or multiplayer options.