Do Not Feed The Monkeys Guide – Tips,Tricks and All the Secret Endings

Do Not Feed The Monkeys Guide – Tips,Tricks and All the Secret Endings

Do Not Feed the Monkeys became a very popular game in the last months and it has attracted a large number of users. However, many of us are searching for new ways to experience while playing the game, and one way to do so is by playing different Do Not Feed the Monkeys endings.

In this Do Not Feed the Monkeys guide, we will be telling you which are the different ways to find new stories and never get bored of this amazing game. Indeed, there are different ways to end the game rather than just a simple one. Moreover, there are several tips and tricks that you’d definitely want to know in order to play for longer periods of time.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys Guide

It is always important to know at which times of the day each monkey is active in specific cages. In general, it is easy to learn their schedule and be online at the right time. You can always have close to you a paper and a pen to remember about some of the most important times for some of the monkeys.

At the same time, you can always click the yellow words so as to start working on some of the puzzles and do a more intensive research. When you receive questions from the Club, you will need to answer them with the information you gathered throughout the game. This is why it is important to have this step properly done.

Another valuable thing to know is that you shouldn’t ignore hunger and health. You can die due to these reasons. If you do not want to end the game in this way, better search for food and increase your health.

Always remember to purchase food when available with discounts in the shops on the game. At the same time, you can always make it better to reduce food consumption and reduce costs.

If you are not working on a specific mission or achievement, always receive the things that are delivered by the mailman. Even if the things are not for you, you can always claim them which would eventually help you to get some extra money or a bonus.

You will also receive a plant in the 2nd in-game day. If you do good things and do good actions, then, the plant will grow. However, if you are bad and do bad things, the plant will not thrive. It is always recommended to help the plant grow considering that there are some achievements related to it and its health.

Always answer the Club questions that they will send you about the subjects in the cages. In general, you will have some days to learn about it, so don’t worry, you will figure out. Answering the questions in due time and in order would reward you.

You should also pay the rent, always. There are different ways to earn money, so you must pay for the rent. At the same time, you shouldn’t miss the important things happening in the cages, which would require you to properly plan your gaming strategy.

Moreover, there are some interesting stories and endings that would increase your gaming experience and make it richer. This is why you should start the game once again and trying to change some things. This would allow you to create and experience new endings, and have a much more active gaming session.

In the next section, we will show you which are some of the possible endings for the game that you may like to experience and discover.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys Endings

Ending 1:

If you try uninstalling the Monkey Vision App at any moment, the game will instantly be terminated.

Ending 2:

If you do not pay the rent on time, you will get evicted. These first two Do Not Feed The Monkeys endings are very simple different ways of ending the game.

Ending 3:

While playing the game, you will have the possibility to send the plant killer to the greenhouse. After doing so, confess on the phone.

Ending 4:

The game will prematurely end if you are not able to unlock the cages to level up in the Club. Try to be focused while playing.

Ending 5:

If you start selling drugs rather than just keeping them will result in a premature ending, which may not be what you are searching for. Be aware.

Ending 6:

If your hunger or health reaches zero, then the game will end for you and you will have to start again.

It is worth mentioning that these Do Not Feed The Monkeys endings will end the game but with a failure. That means that the game doesn’t give you an achievement for doing so or you do not get recognized for it.

However, there are other endings that are much more interesting for gamers and that are generally more difficult to achieve. Keep reading this Do Not Feed the Monkeys guide if you want to know which are these other special endings.

Ending 7:

Apparently, if you do not answer the questions that were sent over by the Club, you will be able to complete the game. However, it is not clear what would allow you to definitely have this Mediocre Monkey ending.

Ending 8:

This looks rather different than the others because you have to complete all the questions successfully rather than wrong. This would allow you to level up to the top of the pyramid. However, there may be other things that would change this ending or that would influence the way in which users reach it.

Ending 9:

You can also end the game by no interacting at all with the monkeys. This would eventually end with the game.


In this Do Not Feed the Monkeys guide we have shared with you how to have a more interesting gaming experience. We have shared different ending possibilities and other tips and tricks that would make the whole game more entertaining.