same-modern-warfareMost of us have Modern Warfare 2 high on the priorities list, even though the magic is slowly starting to fade away due to too many Call of Duty releases. This doesn’t mean that the game won’t do well – on the contrary, I believe that it will do great, just as the previous two titles in the franchise. However, Activision’s Simon Wells aims higher that we would’ve expected.

He told MCV that the company wants Modern Warfare 2 to be the biggest selling game of all time. “We want to propel this year’s title to be the biggest selling videogame of all time,” Wells said to MCV continuing, “That may raise some eyebrows, but step back and look at the franchise’s trajectory through preceding launches, and this objective starts to look viable.”

“We firmly believe we have the potential to be the No.1 entertainment property of the year. The reality for a franchise as large as Call of Duty is that we are competing directly with entertainment propositions outside of the videogame space.”

Honestly, I think that’s a bit too much to say and Activision might be a bit wrong here: three sequels in three years is a bit too much I believe and, even though Modern Warfare might still do well this year, my own opinion is that it will sell worse than the previous two. It is just a natural thing: the fanbase is getting fragmented by these successive releases and the interest in the franchise slowly fades away. Too much and too often is clearly not good! But we’ll see what happens in November, when Modern Warfare 2 launches.