Personae Studios has announced that MechWarrior: Tactical Command is now available for most iOS devices, including the new touch models. The franchise is moving on to the mobile world where players can play “30 BattleMechs through 21 different missions across three planets using real-time strategy and multi-touch controls”, stated the company.

The game will introduce many gaming experience features, as well as optimized functions for mobile devices: difficulty modes; advanced customization options; BattleTech authenticity; iCloud integration; retina display and optimized display for iOS 6; full 3D camera rotation.

The major concern about this title was to keep it authentic and loyal to the original franchise: “It’s the same MechWarrior feel we all love, but now it’s in the palm of your hand. MechWarrior: Tactical Command stays true to the MechWarrior story and BattleTech traditions. We are proud and excited to release the game across all iOS platforms”, said Edmund Koh, director of Personae Studios.