The first release of the DOOORS 2 puzzle game for iOS devices has 40 levels and we’ve already checked out the walkthrough for the first 20, and now it’s time to check out the DOOORS 2 walkthrough for level 21 to level 40 and see how to beat the game. So if you got stuck along the way and you’re wondering what to do to complete the last set of levels (for now), check out our DOOORS 2 walkthrough below and you’ll know!

DOOORS 2 Level 21 walkthrough
Tap the plants to remove them and you will see an arrow. With two fingers, hold the door and swipe to the right and you will open it.

DOOORS 2 Level 22 walkthrough
Tap and hold your fingers over the valves that give smoke, then tap the left button once and right one 6 times. You can now open the door.

DOOORS 2 Level 23 walkthrough
First, slide the doors open, then tilt your phone until both green squares are inside the red one. When they’re there, the green line above the door lights up -that’s the moment when you have to quickly tap the door to open it.

DOOORS 2 Level 24 walkthrough
From your inventory, put the stick inside the right wheel and tap it. You will see that the circles above the door start moving (4 of them, actually). In my case, these moves: 2, 8, 7, 4. This is the code to exit (tap each panel to the left and right according to the numbers)

DOOORS 2 Level 25 walkthrough
The goal is to move the red ball to the end without having the red ball reach the end. Simply tilt the phone right and both balls will start moving. But the green one moves a bit faster, so when it’s about half way, tilt the phone left and red ball will slow down, while the green one will reach the end.

DOOORS 2 Level 26 walkthrough
Use the broom and swipe the left and right part of the wall, to reveal two animals – panda and turtle. Tap the buttons below to highlight the countries they can be found in (tap left button 5 times and right one once).

DOOORS 2 Level 27 walkthrough
Slide the left panel up, then all the way down to see the code. Then slide up the right panel to get some matches. Now light the candles on the ground as seen on the left panel. After each correct attempt, one red line above the door turns green. To turn candles off, use the fire extinguisher.

DOOORS 2 Level 28 walkthrough
Tap the shaker and shake your phone until the door opens (you will hear a sound)

DOOORS 2 Level 29 walkthrough
The idea is to make the panels to the left and right show the number of the level (29). Tilt the phone left and balance the mat over the left gas leak and tap the left panel until it shows a 25 (it’s 2 and mirrored 2 actually). The right panel should show 9 and mirrored 9 and you can now exit if you put the mat over the middle gas leak

DOOORS 2 Level 30 walkthrough
Tap the trampoline to jump and tap the lights above in the shape of an X to be able to exit.

DOOORS 2 Level 31 walkthrough
Tap the barrel to the right and use the screwdriver to remove the top. Use the goggles and tap the water, then get the knife. Use the knife to cut the rope to the left, then the extinguisher to turn off the fire and you can exit.

DOOORS 2 Level 32 walkthrough
Quickly rotate the phone to the left and right to light up all the petals on the flower and be able to exit.

DOOORS 2 Level 33 walkthrough
With 2 fingers tap the buttons to the sides of the door, while with a third one you have to open the door.

DOOORS 2 Level 34 walkthrough
Slide the panels to the left and right. Unscrew the right panel to see the full equation. Now tap the left panel near the door 7 times and the right one 3 times and you can go to the next door.

DOOORS 2 Level 35 walkthrough
Tilt the phone left and right to move the panels, and tap the circles to match the colors on the door: gray, gray, black, white, black. Tap the door to exit.

DOOORS 2 Level 36 walkthrough
The image above the door tells you what objects to scale from the inventory. So tap the scale and check out the weight of the extinguisher and knife. Now tap the left and right circles near the door to match the indications.

DOOORS 2 Level 37 walkthrough
First, note the shapes on the table (yellow 5, blue 8, green 6, red 3). Now tap the light switch in the bottom left corner of the wall and notice which circle corresponds to which color. Turn the lights back on and tap each of the circles to have as many white triangles as shapes on the table.

DOOORS 2 Level 38 walkthrough
Use the broom with the wheel to stop it. Now tap the left and right panels and make a direct connection (you will hear a sound when correct) – you can now exit.

DOOORS 2 Level 39 walkthrough
Tilting the phone upside down, then slowly tilt left and right until the shapes click in place. Now tap the panels below to match the shapes. You can exit.

DOOORS 2 Level 40 walkthrough
Slide the door to the left, then cut the ropes with the knife. Slide the doors all the way. Tap the flammable barrel and use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding it. Tap it again to have it fall, then use the matches to light it up. When the temperature goes all the way up, use the extinguisher to turn off the fire and open the door. Now tilt the phone right until you find the opening and exit!

And this is it! We have completed the 40 levels of DOOORS 2 and we can only hope that the developers decide to update the app and offer us even more!