There are three new mystery items added last May 6 in Pet Society. Gold Mystery Boxes can contain a Giant Monster Plushie and a Skyline Print. From a Purple Mystery Box, you have the chance to get a Contemporary Zigzag Bookshelf.

I must be unlucky because I bought five Gold Mystery Boxes and didn’t get a single new item from them. I also bought Purple Mystery Boxes and all I got were armbands. Maybe I should try again tomorrow because I can’t buy luck today.

There are also new items added to the Win or Lose boxes that can be bought from the Mystery Shop. They say every box is a winner unless it’s a loser and I guess my pet’s a loser. It got pied five times without getting anything. Not even a Cute Pink Ribbon Hat or a Purple Owl Plushie.

There are also two free gifts you can send to your friends in Pet Society. These are the CMYK Paw Print Set and the Pink Flowerbed.

These are the items added in Pet Society last May 6. Buy your mystery boxes today or try your luck with the Win or Lose Box.