Do you remember when NBA Jam came out in the arcades? This was a great game that would allow up to four people to play at the same time. It was a lot of fun, and you likely have some very fond memories of spending your coins with a group of your friends on this game. If you want to rekindle those feelings, you can now have one of these machines in your home to enjoy whenever you want.

What Does the Machine Offer?
The NBA Jam arcade machine is a massive cabinet that looks just like the one you remember from your time in the arcades. The upright machine has a 32” screen and it has enough room for four players. It is a quality-built machine with joysticks that are going to last and plastic arcade buttons like you remember from the old machines.

However, the thing that helps to make this machine truly special is the fact that it is more than just an NBA Jam arcade machine. It features a total of 3,500 games on it, and 226 of those games can be played by up to four people at the same time. You will get some fantastic classics included with this machine include Tekken, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Galaga, King of Fighters, Peggle, RoboCop, The Simpsons, and so many more.

When you have this machine, you are never going to get bored. It truly does provide countless hours of entertainment.

What Other Great Machines Are Available?
Of course, you can also find other cabinet options, as well. For example, you might want to consider the Pacman arcade machine. You will love the classic arcade cabinet graphics and design of this two-player machine. It features 60 total games including Galaga, Donkey Kong Jr., Space Invaders, 1942, and Tank Battalion. There are plenty of other types of arcade machines, as well. Figure out which ones you like the most and feel will be the most entertainment for your game room, garage, waiting area, or basement.

Whether you choose the Pacman arcade machine, the NBA Jam arcade machine or one of the other great options from Arcade Rewind, it will be a great addition to your home, game room, garage, waiting area, or anywhere else you would like to put it.


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