I have some not-so-good news for the fans of Mafia Wars: some reports over the internet are saying that Zynga is going to stop the Loyalty Program in Mafia Wars starting early 2012. However, exact details on how will this happen are not yet clear, so it might be just a removal of the items that you can get for Loyalty Points and keeping the status ranking.

The reports come from Mafia Wars fansite MW Loot Lady who claims that she’s heard from “reliable sources” that the Loyalty Program is going to stop in 2012.

However, it is very unlikely that it will be taken off without further notice so if you wanted to hurry and spend all your Loyalty Points just so that you don’t lose them, maybe it would be best to hold on them for a while and wait for the official confirmation. Maybe it will be followed by a discount sale and you’ll get more value for those points.

If the rumor is true, will you be sad to see the Mafia Wars Loyalty Program go?