We like it when Zynga decides to go for some cross-promotion within their games as this means that we are the winners of some goodies. It is the same case with the latest Mafia Wars/FarmVille cross-promotion which gives us three cans of fuel via a black mystery box in FarmVille if we gain a level in the mafia game.

After getting a pop-up in FarmVille letting me know that if I gain a level in Mafia Wars I will earn three large cans of fuel (or three fuel refills), I clicked the accept button and was taken to my Mafia Wars account where I got the image you can see in the left corner (click to enlarge).

If you’re too lazy to click it, here’s what it reads: “Complete jobs to gain experience and level up. Every day you level up in Mafia Wars, you earn another Mystery Box”

That’s correct! Apparently, this is not a one-time bonus, but a bonus received every day we manage to level up in the game, which is absolutely amazing, especially for low to mid level players who find it really easy to level up. However, it would be best if you hurried up to take advantage of this offer cuz it might end anytime!

How many Mafia Wars black Mystery Boxes have you received so far?