On Friday, a new FarmVille feature has been introduced, but taken off shortly due to technical difficulties: the Pregnant Pig and giftable Piglet. However, reports are circulating that starting today the feature has been re-enabled, so I’m sure you’re curious to know how the Pregnant Pig works out in FarmVille and what do you have to do in order to get a piglet.

So, what are the pregnant pigs? They are cute pigs that simply show up on your farm, usually near your farmer and you can share them with their real owner. Clicking a pregnant pig will tell you to whom it belongs and you’ll be allowed to share it with the person.

If the person accepts the FarmVille pregnant pig from their wall, they will get it in their gift box. 24 hours after placing the pig on their farm (so not after getting it!), the pregnant pig will give birth to piglets and your neighbor will be allowed to share them with their friends.

And that’s it! It’s quite simple and now hopefully without extra technical problems, as it happened when the feature was first released.

Did you find a pregnant pig around your farm?