Zynga has given the mystery bags an update and Mafia Wars players are ecstatic about it. Starting April 19, players can earn new goodies when opening a mystery bag. Here is a list of the new items you can find inside your brand new Mafia Wars mystery bag:

– Gold Treasure Chest Key (used to open a Gold Treasure Chest)
– XP bonus
– Daily change tickets
– Boosts
– Weapons Depot parts
– Chop Shop parts
– Items from the wish list
– Limited time items

This is definitely an upgrade worth celebrating about! The drop rate for good items is quite high in this patch. You can easily collect items when your mafia members send you mystery bags.

Mystery bags can be a way to accumulate high-end weapons such as the Railgun. Just add it to your wish list you have a chance to loot it in a mystery bag. I know a couple of players who got their Railguns this way. No need to trade them for rare items. Although when you get the special items through the mystery bag, you wouldn’t be getting the bonus, such as the +5 Attack from the Railgun.

The bad news is that you can’t get lotto items or any collection item through the mystery bag even if you place them in your wish list.