Earlier this week, Playfish gave out free Restaurant City ingredients daily in form of Salmon and Sashimi. With the free Ceremonial Drink Set and the Salmon Sashimi dish, you redecorate your restaurant into a Japanese sushi place.

It will not be complete with sushi bar. Restaurant City players can earn a free Sushi Bar by leveling their Salmon Sashimi dish to maximum (Level 10).

The Salmon Sushi dish needs two Salmons and one Wasabi. That’s a total of twenty Salmons and ten Wasabis to reach level 10. You can check your progress by clicking on the Sushi Bar icon that’s located right next to the Ingredient Market.

You can collect the ingredients by asking your friends to trade or gift it to you, gift your friends (and hope that they gift back), look for mystery crates in your friends’ restaurants, or buy them with Playfish Cash.

Mystery crates are added in Restaurant City this week. They can contain a random item, which includes the ingredients for the Salmon Sashimi. When you find a Mystery Crate, you must post a feed to your friend’s wall. If the friend accepts the Mystery Crate and posts a feed back to your wall, you can now claim the random reward.