Zynga released a new feature in Mafia Wars, the Crime Spree and in this article I’m going to share with you some details about this, but also a list of Crime Spree loots, something you certainly wish to know. But let’s start with the beginning and see what is the Mafia Wars crime spree.

This feature is similar to the Gift House/Respect Meter, meaning that you can ask for gifts from your Mafia and, if they decide to Help you (instead of Sabotage you), your Spree meter will fill. You can level up to level ten, needing 5 items to reach level 2, 10 to reach level 3 and so on, so you also need a very active mafia. Each time you level up you get a randomly selected item from a pool of new ones.

Here are the items you can get for leveling up your Crime Spree in Mafia Wars:

– Vortex Ring Gun (12 attack, 33 defense)
– Fugama Kondoru (25 attack, 47 defense)
– Pro’s Iron (24 attack, 19 defense)
– Ness’ Fedora (28 attack, 22 defense)
– Remote Controlled Sniper (35 attack, 20 defense)
– Lorica (18 attack, 32 defense)

Also, when you choose to help your Mafia, you can receive a free safe from the Godfather. Here is the loot list of items you can find inside the Crime Spree safe:

– Baby Face Nelson’s .351 (Attack: 21, Defense: 24)
– Fire Axe (Attack: 26, Defense: 17)
– .45 ACP Pistol (Attack: 18, Defense: 12)
– Tora Assault Rifle (Attack: 28, Defense: 12)
– Gladius (Attack: 24, Defense: 16)
– Hockey Stick (Attack: 23, Defense: 13)
– EMP Bomb (Attack: 4, Defense: 32)

– Pair of Steeltips (Attack: 20, Defense: 26)
– Sumotori Fighter (Attack: 17, Defense: 25)
– Ushanka (Attack : 10, Defense : 20)

What items did you receive until now from this new feature?