Zynga knows how to please their loyal Mafia Wars fans. From time to time they give out free Reward Points but this time they have a very good reason for giving them away.

Last week Mafia Wars have updates that caused problems for some players. There are players who had a hard time loading the game. Some experienced page load issues and loss of game progress. Some can’t gift because their friends’ list is blank except for the boxes.

Zynga stated that they take game integrity seriously and has doubled their efforts to ensure quality gameplay for Mafia Wars players. Because of their maintenance work, some players experienced disruptions in game.

Because of these interruptions Zynga is giving out free Reward Points for loyal players who keep up with Mafia Wars through their growing pains. You can get the Reward Points by click on this link:


You should get the Free Mafia Wars Reward Points today before the offer expires. Have you encountered any bugs the last few days? Do you think that free Reward Points is enough for the headaches these bugs have caused you while playing Mafia Wars?