Those of you who also play Zynga’s Cafe World won’t be too surprised with the introduction of today’s new FishVille feature, the Treat Rack. A nice feature, but very, very similar to the Spice Rack in Cafe World, even in terms of looks and items needed to be built.

But let’s start with the beginning, since not all of us are experts when it comes to social games: what is the FishVille Treat Rack?

Well, it is a new item you have to build with the help of your friends. Once built, the Treat Rack will hold some really cool FishVille “treats” – special foods that will help you with the fish growing, XP gatherting and so on. You can get these treats for cash or Sand Dollars, but either way you need a complete Treat Rack to have access to them!

How can you build your FishVille Treat Rack?

In theory, it’s pretty simple: you need 5 labels, 5 shelves, 5 lids, 5 jars and 10 nails in order to get your Rack. In order to receive these items, you have more options: first, wait for the items to be sent in by your neighbors (each can gift three of the five items); second, you can click the Treat Rack icon in the playing screen and “Ask for more”; and finally, you can purchase the items for Sand Dollars, at the price of one SD per piece.

What Fish Treats to you get once you finish building the Treat Rack?

There are four “super foods” enabled once done, but Zynga is teasing two more which are “coming soon”. Either way, here are the treats you get and their effects:

Insta-Grow: instantly grow your fish (6SD for a 25-pack)
Mastery Food: boost mastery by 25% (7,500 coins for a 25-pack)
XP Food: 2x fish sell XP (5 SD for a 25-pack)
Coin Food: 2x coin sell value (3SD for a 25-pack)

Will you be using the Fish Treats in FishVille?