Well, it appears that Electronic Arts is not wasting any time as they’re planning to release a new Mass Effect game – Mass Effect 3 – by the end of the year. A lot of details about the upcoming Mass Effect 3 have been leaked on the official forums and I am happy to share them with you below.

According to the posting, Mass Effect 3 “stages 3 the last stand of humanity and represents the culmination of Commander Shepard’s emotional journey through the Mass Effect universe”. Expect improved graphics, better interaction with the other characters and even some surprise features!

The good thing for those who haven’t played the past two games in the series is that you can play Mass Effect 3 as your first title in the series: the game will come with a comic book that will tell the story of the previous games, so new players won’t find themselves thrown into an universe and story they are not familiar with.

Amongst the familiar faces that you will encounter in Mass Effect 3, there are Liara, Ashley / Kaidan, Garrus, Conrad Verner, James Sanders, Jack, Tali and Admiral Anderson. Even more names are rumored, but not yet confirmed.

Two new characters have been briefly detailed, like the swashbuckling assassin Kai Leng or James Sanders, a muscular and mysterious man.

Also, the developers promise that the AI-controlled enemies in Mass Effect 3 will now be smarter and more competitive, with each opponent taking a different tactical approach when encountered. Also, fights in the game will be more dynamic and a lot faster, which is always good especially for experienced Mass Effect players.

Here are other details about Mass Effect 3:

– The game area will be bigger than in Mass Effect 2
– We’ll find more loot compared to the previous game
– There will be space battles between the Turian and the Reaper.
– Many more surprises.

And I am sure I am not the only one who wants to know them all, so make sure you check back regularly for more Mass Effect 3 details here!