showfileFans of LOTRO: Mines of Moria were probably expecting for a major update for some time now, and they’re finally going to get it: Codemasters and Turbine are preparing to release Book 7: Leaves of Lórien, a major update to their MMORPG.

Book 7 delivers the next installment to the epic story for Volume II of LOTRO including a new 12-player raid, major gameplay enhancements, the Spring Festival and access to the full region of Lothlórien. Book 7: Leaves of Lórien is already available to subscribers of The Lord of the Rings Online in North America and shortly it will hit European servers.

“The launch of our first expansion, Mines of Moria, has been a huge success and has firmly established the game as one of the premier MMOs in the world,” said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. “For nearly two years LOTRO has been one of the fastest growing games in the industry and with Book 7 we continue to expand the world with the expansion of Lothlórien, the legendary home of Galadriel and the elves and the introduction of new tools and improvements based on player feedback including a new Quest Guide and an enhanced new player experience.”

I’m sure this is a welcomed addition which will push the MMORPG forward.