lionheadlogoIt seems hard to believe, but it wasn’t industry’s clairvoyant Peter Molyneux who let it slip this time, but a student who apparently is the animation director for Lionhead and presented some footage to some fellow university students.

Andrew Lindsay, a Swansea Metropolitan University student, Twitted about a school presentation in which he showed fellow students footage from what it might be an unannounced IP from Lionhead. He also mentioned that this new franchise will be revealed during this year’s E3 conference, but no further details were given and he now has his Twitter updates protected. Which further means it’s true, right?

Either way, it was obvious that Lionhead had some big plans for the future. Peter Molyneux himself stated recently that they’re ready to “start showing the world what happens when you feel safe about experimenting and inventing and prototyping, and that can lead to some pretty amazing things and we’ve got some amazing things in our pocket.” Of course, he usually says this kind of things, so we didn’t get to excited. I guess we’ll see at E3, right?