League of Legends players in the UK are finding their service providers are blocking the latest patch. Reddit user LolBoopje raised the issue on a subreddit dedicated to the game.

Players receive an error notice that files are missing or containing errors. The culprits are several files that happen to contain the letters s, e and x in sequential order. The combination sets off a newly placed filter program in the United Kingdom’s internet.

The British government passed legislation, that came into effect this year, requiring its major ISPs to install a default pornography blocker on all accounts unless the client asks for it to be removed. The program is part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s bid to protect children from the internet.

The results were unexpected and users have no way to create an exception in the filter and will be forced to request to have their internet provider disable the entire program from their account. This move could affect the games accessibility to underage players whose parents may have reservations about completely removing internet blocks.

There is no word yet on if changes will be made to the patch. LoL was contacted for comment but did not respond by publishing.