I doubt we’re anywhere near the moment when developers will consider that there are already too many brain training games on the market. Until then, we’ll keep getting release after release and, if we continue like that, we’ll probably all be little Einsteins in a decade or so.

The latest to join the list of brain training games is Namco’s simply named Brain Exercise, a Nintendo DS exclusive that’s going to be made available in the US sometime soon, after being successful in Europe and Japan (at least that’s what the company claims). The game features 10 different types of categories involving memory, logic, calculations, visual and spatial perception, Brain Exercise promises to keep your brain fit and ready like no other game. No, PETA’s game parody does not count.

Now, depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose one of the three different three modes the game offers: Brain Training or your daily training regime for the stimulation of your temporal, parietal and frontal lobes, Brain Age who promises to offer a brainlift and a younger brain (without any transplant!) and Practice Mode where, well… you practice your skills!

Still, after that much thinking, Namco forgot to announce the release date. Never mind!