Take the success of Wii Fit, combine it with the worldwide obesity awareness campaigns and you will have a few million dollars reasons to start producing “stay fit” software, hardware and peripherals. And if you won’t start designing your own products, you will surely find New Concept Gaming’s product, jOG, pretty interesting.

jOG is a controller that works on a “plug in and go” basis with all existing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 consoles (and games) and it detects when players take steps and only allows movement in the game while their jogging on the spot. This means that, starting now, you’ll move much, much more while playing. And that’s not at all a bad thing – if this product proves to be a viable solution.

And that’s exactly what New Concept Gaming is promising, according to the official description: “jOG is a unique standout video games accessory that will work with existing games consoles and games” which “enables users to enjoy their favourite video games with an exciting immersive experience in game control similar to Virtual Reality”. Virtualy Reality? Hmm…. it’s still a long way ‘til there, but it’s a start: a healthy one, for healthy gaming.


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