Coming this Thursday, Restaurant City turns Mexican to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with new recipes, free gifts, and decorations. People who are sick and tired of three straight Japanese weeks can now release a sigh of relief.

New outdoor items for Mexican Week include the animated Street Mariachi Band that can mesmerize your customers with their dance moves and music. Other outdoor decors include the Sombrero Roof, Mexican Banner, Chili Hangings, Piñata Wall Decor, and Cactus Jose.

Decorating for Mexican Week is not complete without interior decors. You can transform your restaurant with the help of Terracotta Tiles and Stucco wallpaper with matching Chili Lights. Other interior decors consist of the Acoustic Guitar, Cacti Jose, Cactus Chair, Maracas Wall Décor, Mexican Spice Rack, Mexican Table, Piñata, Rustic Red Brick Pillar, Serape Wall Hanging, and String of Chilis Décor.

Available this week is the Tortilla Stove that cooks 12 percent faster than regular stoves. You can also opt for the new Cactus Dispenser that gives out drinks ten percent faster than the usual. The Mariachi Band can be bought to dance and sing for the customers to make them more patient while waiting to be served.

New recipes will also be available starting this Thursday. These are Beef Enchilada, Mexican Flan and Tostadas.