Gambling has never been more open to changes. We started off with suiting up and heading to a land-based goldmine. This followed by tables games and eventually we all gasped at the though of online gambling. Since gambling and online forged and everlasting relationship, we witnessed the introduction of other games such as keno, scratch cards and more.

New trends, new fun and gambling inclinations gave us a new hobby. That hobby is called video games. Now you might ask how are video games and gambling related? Simple, some of the best games have evolved a new game movement, and this is how gambling and video games are now in full force. Let us dig further into what games are currently hot and for you to spend a dime or two on.

The Witcher 3

One of the biggest names is video games is undoubtably The Witcher. Now a major top-rated Netflix hit, The Witcher 3 was released in 2015. Needless to say, the storyline is that of the Witcher and his pursuit in destroying demons and bad beasts. The game is highly addictive, and our late nights till 5am playing is testament to that.

Apart from being a compelling storyline, The Witcher also hosts a card game named Gwent. The Gwent arc keeps players interested, specially gamblers that enjoy card games. Your main goal is to collect cards to build a robust Witcher deck. Mini challenges also offer you the opportunity to enjoy some further card-based fun. The whole vibe reminds us of our poker fascination, and hence we are truly up for it!

Final Fantasy VIII

If you own a PlayStation, you must have heard about Final Fantasy! If not ..pack your bags and go home! Jokes aside. Final Fantasy VIII debuted in 1999 and is the last installment from the Final Fantasy saga. Led by Squall Leonhart, a group of dedicated mercenaries’ goal is to defeat sorceress Ultimecia.

Now how does Final Fantasy and gambling relate you’d ask? Well, this is when Triple Triad comes into play. A mini game from the spans across a 3×3 grid and here you can gamble on the highest valued cards displayed. Your cards are compared and of course the highest graded one wins!

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games are indeed rock stars! First, they gave us the global sensation Grand Theft Auto and its many follow ups. Then they moved to giving us a new variant of GTA, this time in the Western Era where planes, bikes and plans are replaced by simply horses. The fun part about Red Dead Redemption is the various opportunities for you to move from one place to another. This morning you could be lost in the desert looking for water, the next you could be drinking pints of beer at a saloon, and by evening, you could be bluffing your way amongst other players at a poker table. This is the versatility of Red Dead Redemption.

We all love a game of poker, just beware, as bluffing could cost you a gun fight during the strategy game. Liar’s Dice is another game to gamble away your Red Dead Redemption funds, again, in an outlaw world, be humble as cheating could cost you your life!


In a world full of hackers, gambling is a must in Ubisoft’s Watchdogs. You might think that this is not the ideal scenario in a Chicago based hacking underworld, but honestly, why not?

Start off with a small drinking game at the saloon, for which each round will cost you a dime or two of course. Once you are all filled up and boozy with liquor, it is time to move to the poker tables, which us as poker enthusiasts love!

Drink, gamble, compete against other online players across the world, and take the money home as we say!

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas takes place in Las Vegas. The place otherwise referred to as Sin City. In a post apocalypse Vegas, of course, the best casinos still stand proud, and you can still gamble your way to the very top of the chain!

Just keep your eyes and ears open at the casinos, as thieves roam the tables and can also dominate your game. If we had to rank the best game in terms of gambling at a video game Fallout New Vegas would top the charts. The graphics, the theme, the everything.

However Red Dead Redemption is definitely one for the books also!