Due to the changing work culture in India, more and more women are becoming a part of the working class. As a considerate employer, you may be providing all your female employees with a transportation facility. Such a facility is especially beneficial for women who have to travel during odd hours, given the erratic work schedules nowadays.

However, your role as an employer should go a step further in ensuring that the transport you provide is equipped with a comprehensive GPS camera device. Having such a device installed in your vehicle will enable women to travel without any worries.

To provide proper safety to your female employees, you should equip your office cabs with a GPS camera device. Having such a device will ensure the following:

  1. The Driver Drives in an Upright Manner

Your company may hire cab drivers after a thorough background check, but you can still never be sure of how they will end up driving. They usually drive recklessly by indulging in activities like over-speeding and overtaking. Some drivers also act over-smart, especially when they know that there are female occupants in the cab. This puts the safety of your female employees at risk. However, if your cab fleet is equipped with a smart GPS camera device, your company personnel will be able to keep a comprehensive check on the driver. It will ensure that the driver refrains from over-speeding or doing anything improper. An advanced GPS camera device will send you AI-based alerts whenever the car speed exceeds a set limit or the driver tampers with the device.

  1. Emergency Support

There may be situations when your female employee may need emergency support while travelling in the office cab. Women have reported a lot of harassment cases while travelling in cabs in the past. A GPS camera device will help you safeguard your workers from such harm through its dual camera feature. The dual camera will give you a picture of both what is happening inside and outside the vehicle. Moreover, the fact that his activities are always being watched and recorded will deter the driver from doing anything wrong.

  1. Ensuring Safe Handling of Vehicle

Your female employees may also be at risk when an unregistered driver takes control of the cab. GPS camera devices such as the one mentioned above also have a face recognition feature which can instantly send you alerts if an unknown person gets behind the wheel. It will ensure that you are not only informed of any such incident but are also able to take some real-time action to support your female employees travelling in that cab.

  1. Keeping a Proper Record

The recording and playback feature of a GPS camera device will help you know which driver has been indulging in inappropriate activities time and again. You can monitor these recordings and then make sure that you do not allow such drivers to ferry female employees, especially at odd hours. This will ensure that your company can minimize the chances of them facing any trouble or harm at the hand of such callous drivers.

Moreover, such a smart GPS camera device can also provide support in cross-checking details in case there is any legal issue. The device stores all recorded data on the cloud and allows you to live-stream it or access it later.

Offer Comprehensive Security

Female employees are a great asset to any organization. Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide them with the safest commute service. You should not only conduct a proper background test before hiring the driver but should also install a smart GPS camera device. KENT CamEye provides reliable and comprehensive security solutions. This advanced GPS camera with GPS tracker can be bought from Amazon India, where you can also avail the free demo trial. So, purchase the right GPS camera tracker to provide full security support to all female employees and help them improve their performance further.