starcraft2It might be possible that Blizzard is really preparing to launch a Starcraft II beta, as a sign-up page has appeared on the World of Warcraft website. Spotted by Eurogamer, the sign-up page might be connected to the cards received by participants to the BlizzCon 2008 – cards that had some codes on the back. However, nothing is 100% clear at the moment.

We do know that, being placed on a WoW page, it might be a beta connected to something WoW, obviously, but it would make a bit more sense to be Starcraft II related since that seems to be Blizzard’s main focus right now. Here’s what the announcement reads:

“As it may be a while before the invitations are sent for this beta test, we want to make sure you’ll receive your invite! Once you enter your information, you should receive a confirmation email. We will email you again once invitations are being sent; the email you receive at that point will contain further instructions. Be advised that it may be quite some time before this beta test begins, and this sign-up may not be for the next beta test to become available. Thank you, and we’ll see you in the test!”

So what do you think? Is it an early sign-up for something World of Warcraft-related that will happen in the far future, or is it regarding the near future and a Starcraft II beta?