There’s a huge Labor Day event taking place in Cafe World, an amazing sale that offers huge discounts on all sorts of products, from decorations to purchases of Cafe Cash and regular currency! Read on to find out more about the Labor Day Sale Event in Cafe World!

Only available for the next 4 days, the Labor Day Sale offers discount of up to 75% on purchases for your cafe. Here are the items you can purchase for lower prices:

– Roofs, 30% cheaper
– Spices, 20% off
– Cafe Expansions, 20% off
– Mystery Crates, 20% off
– No Spoil Genie, 160 Cafe Cash
– Red Lighting Super Stove, free if you purchase a package of $50 or more.
– Cafe Cash and Cafe coins and great discounts!

So if you want to make some new purchases in Cafe World, now would be the best time!