“There are more FarmVille avatars on my farm!” – that’s what you might notice starting today, after Zynga’s most popular game has borrowed a little from its younger brother, FrontierVille: neighbors can do more than feed the chicken coop and fertilize your land! They can help you too!

On the official FarmVille blog, a guide to the new neighbor helping feature was posted and I am going to share it with you so you can get the most out of it!

If a Neighbor helps you on your Farm, you can hover your cursor over their avatar to see what they have done (as seen in the image in the upper left corner). f you do not want your Neighbors help, you can click on the avatar and select “Dismiss”. Doing so will ensure that none of their actions will affect your farm. Alternatively, if you would like their assistance, simply click “Accept Help” and their actions will take effect.

If a Neighbor helps on your farm, you will still receive the same amount of coins and XP as you would if you had done those applicable actions yourself. The coins and XP gained from your Neighbors assistance will automatically be added to your account. If you are assisting your Neighbors, you will receive the appropriate amount of Coins/XP when doing actions on their farm, regardless if they choose to accept your help or not. (If your Neighbor chooses to dismiss your help, their farm will not be affected and you will retain any coins/xp gained from assisting them.)

Each time you visit a Neighbor’s farm, you can do a total of 5 actions every 24 hours. Below is a list of all the actions you can now do on a Neighbors Farm:

– Plow fallow crops
– Collect from animals
– Harvest trees
– Fertilize crops
– Unwither crops

Each one of these will deduct 1 action from your available 5. As stated earlier, only the last 4 of your Neighbors who helped on your Farm will appear for you to interact with. However, if any of your friends fertilize your crops, these will appear on your farm regardless if the Neighbor is part of the final 4 or not. For example: If 10 Neighbors come help you on your farm and the first 6 all fertilize crops, your crops will still be fertilized even if the following 4 Neighbors decide to help with other things on your farm.

Additional Information:

– Your Neighbors cannot harvest your crops.
– Since Fertilizing is now a part of the 5 Neighbor actions, you can no longer get bonus (extra) bags to fertilize farms with.

This is pretty cool, actually, especially if people would start harvesting animals and trees!