Over the past years, a lot of online casinos appeared. There are some good ones, some less good ones and some amazing ones. The amazing ones are the ones that offer a few great bonuses without you even having to deposit a single cent one their website. Of course, you can’t do a lot of money from this – but you can do a few. If you’re lucky with the free spins, you can even get a $100 for free.

How to find the casinos that offer free spins

Finding these type of casinos is not so hard. A simple google search with the right terms could lead you to a list of hundreds of casinos that offer free spins or no deposit bonuses. If you dont know how to do that, we’ve found one for you. To get the Max Free Bets Best Casino Bonus please visit their website.

And there are a lot more. A website like the one mentioned above could help you find a great list of casinos with free spins bonuses or even free money for the people that confirm their identity. This could probably help you find a dozen of great casinos with massive bonuses.

Wagering the bonuses

There are many ways that you can wager the bonus. Let’s say that after a few free spins, you got a nice $50 earnings. Using those, you can either play on the minimum bet on some slots with a high payout percentage ( 95% and above) and you could probably win around $75- $100 by the time you’ve wagered all the free bonus money.

Another way would be playing roulette and placing a bet on the red and one on the black with the same amount. You win each time you don’t get a zero, so the outcome percentage is pretty good. This way you’d surely not win more than $50 – but you could wager the bonus pretty easily and make some extra bucks.

But of course, there are other ways too! You can also play that bonus money on sports and bet on all the possible outcome. You can either follow tipsters and bet on their tips or you could do it yourself. The choice is yours. This strategy is a high risk high reward though, you can lose everything or you can multiply your money to even $500 – it all depends on the outcome of the games that you’ve picked.

Another great way would be by letting the luck do it for you. Which means that if you’ve got the money for free – you can use it to place some high bets on roulette or to play blackjack with them. After all, if you lose the money you can chose another casino and play there. Its not like you lost money from your pocket.


Before depositing money to a casino, check their bonuses and see if they have any free spins no deposit bonus or any free cash offered to try their games. It could be a nice way to make a few extra bucks without even having to deposit your money there.