Over the past years, a lot of new casinos appeared on the market. And most of them are pretty successful right now. A large amount of the new casinos offered free bets or free spins to gain more customers, but how does that work exactly? What are the free bets and free spins? Can you actually win money from that?

What are free spins and how to win money from that

Whenever you’d join a casino and make a small deposit – most of them offer you a certain incentive. These incentives are mostly in the form of a few free bets or free spins at a certain slot game. And why are these offered? So that new players can test the casino without depositing a large amount of money.

They go by the idea that a happy player is a player who’ll come again there whenever he’ll wish to bet on his favorite soccer game. All of the casinos that have a great reputation are offering free bets – but only a few ‘just launched’ ones are offering free bets or free spins without no deposit. This is to gain the customer’s trust and prove themselves trustworthy .

And as a customer, you can use those free bets to test the casino and even win some extra bucks. For example, Freebets.UK has selected a lot of the paying casinos and made a list with the best casinos that you can use the free bets to win some extra bucks. The free bets are offered after a certain criteria is met: either a deposit was made or the KYC verification was done.

After you’ve get the free bets, you’d need to wager the money earned from those in order to be able to withdraw those. This means you need to place more bets and respect the casino requirements . Of course, it won’t be easy – but it’s possible to withdraw money from free bets.

How to make money from free bets

The free bets usually pay a customer between $10 and $100 – without you depositing nothing or a small amount of $10. Whenever the free bets ended and you got a nice amount of cash – you need to create a strategy and see how you can multiply those while also wagering them.

There are many ways to do that. Some people prefer soccer bets because they know the players, the teams and are experienced in that field. Or, they hired a great tipster to give them a lot of good tips for the future games. Soccer can be one great way to multiply the cash earned from free bets, if you’re experienced there.

Another way would be roulette or blackjack. The winnings probably won’t be as big as in soccer, but it’s a bit more safer. If you only want to preserve the winnings that you got, you can play red/black on roulette and only win when a green 0 will appear.

Another way would be by playing on the minimum bet at a high payout slots. This way, you could get a couple of nice feature games and probably multiple the winnings while also wagering the bonus.

There could probably be some other ways to wager the bonus, but you need to check the games that the casino are offering and pick the one you think you could win at.