Ever since the inception of gaming industry online, finding your favorite game is just possible with the push of a button now. But with an insane amount of gaming sites sprouting everywhere, chances are more, that you end up paying for fraud casinos and spill your confidential data to hackers. Fear not, just replace your habit of cash or card payments with the Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, a Millennial solution in the virtual gaming ecosystem to stay out of danger of all sizes.

Neat, huh?

But to do this safely, you need to first take some time to learn the know-how of online payments using Bitcoin. Guess what? Your one decision of bitcoin adoption could change the way you play every game online.

Ready? Perfect.

Why Bitcoin?

If you did not know already, Bitcoin is the most popular type of decentralized cryptocurrencies that allows you to pay instantly and securely anytime, anywhere. The best thing about this electronic cash system doesn’t need you to open an account online, pass any sensitive information or interact with any expensive third party or middleman. All you need is just conform to the payment protocols before you make a transaction in the bitcoin blockchain.

How to pay with Bitcoin online?

So, now that you are ready to take your virtual gaming to the next level, here are everything to know about making this process a complete no-hassle experience.

Let’s go step by step…

1. Get yourself a wallet online:

A Bitcoin crypto wallet is your easy-to-use interface when you want to spend, redeem or retain your game earning safely. There are two types of wallets available, Bitcoin Wallets (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash Wallets (BCH), each offering a seamless exchange.

Don’t have a wallet yet? Fret not, just create one online. Here’s a list of the most eligible wallets available for your purchase…

I. Coinbase Wallet

II. BTC.com Wallet

III. Edge Wallet

IV. Electrum Wallet

V. Robinhood Wallet

VI. Bitcoin.com Wallet

VII. Trezor Wallet

VIII. Electron Cash Wallet

IX. Mycelium Wallet

X. Copay Wallet, and more.

Pick a wallet based on the type of OS you have on your phone or PC.

2. You need an Invoice:

The next big thing is finding a dynamic Bitcoin invoice or ledger for your Bitcoin payment, which lets you automate your invoicing experience for every game with safe payments to your merchants, neat view of your account and seamless sync of your game sites.

3. It’s time to buy some Bitcoin:

Now that you are ready to purchase some Bitcoin for playing your favorite games online, you need to launch an app that eases out your purchase at one click. However, the process might vary according to the region or country of your stay, albeit instant currency conversion is available all over the world now.

But first, make sure you withdraw your Bitcoin from the exchange site and move them to a secure wallet before you are making a transaction.

4. Make a payment, are you ready?

Need to spend some Bitcoin on your games? Spend them directly from your Bitcoin wallet. It’s safe and one-tap. Only make sure to finish the transaction within the given timeline on your payment gateway or else your payment will be exacted for expired invoices.

In a nutshell, paying with Bitcoin for world-famous games like Poker, Roulette, Zynga or any other is now faster, convenient and secure like never before. Just make no mistake to go through the terms and conditions before you pick a particular Bitcoin wallet because all are not the same when it comes to availing refunds, or handling network cost or Miner fees. Only pay with a payment protocol compatible Bitcoin app and play safe. Happy gaming.

Image Source: Uphold.com