How to Make Metal Little Alchemy 2

Metal has been used by mankind for thousands of years and has played an essential part in everyday life. 

It also is a critical component in Little Alchemy 2! So, in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make Metal in Little Alchemy 2.

Basic Elements Required

You can obtain Metal in various methods, although some are shorter and faster than others. 

To make metal, you can combine air with water, earth, or fire.  

You can discover a few more recipes(as we tell you in detail). It’s always interesting to try different approaches to getting the same element. 

You’ll need the following ingredients to manufacture metal in tiny alchemy:

  • Lava is formed when earth and fire combine.
  • Stone is formed by combining air with lava.
  • Metal is formed by combining fire and stone.

How To Make Metal Little Alchemy – Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Gathering the essential elements

They believe you must first invent the cosmos to bake a pie from scratch genuinely. They don’t tell you how many more things will be developed. 

Little Alchemy 2 offers one of the most diverse object collections, which may be combined and connected to create even more.

Finding all 720 components on your own is difficult without assistance.

  • All combinations will have a black diamond separating their two components.
  • If an entry contains numerous components enclosed by brackets, it signifies that elements can fulfill that side.

Step 2: Combining The Basic Elements

Making metal is a solid method to go ahead in Little Alchemy. Metal is created by combining two basic elements: Earth and Fire. This is how you do it:

  • Begin by dragging the word ‘Earth’ onto the workspace.
  • Drop ‘Fire’ onto ‘Earth.’
  • A metal bar will emerge in the center of the workstation, indicating that metal has been successfully manufactured!
  • Combining these two fundamental parts may open the door to success for more sophisticated elements like an airplane or ship. 
  • With some knowledge and effort, you can take your gaming experience to the next level!

Metal Recipe 1:  In Little Alchemy 2, we will manufacture stone and mix it with fire to generate metal.

  • Little Alchemy 2 Metal
  • Metal = Stone + Fire
  • Pressure equals Air + Air
  • Stone equals Earth + Pressure

Metal Recipe 2: Stone + Fire

This formula combines stone and heat to produce Metal.

  • Pressure equals Air + Air
  • Stone equals Earth + Pressure
  • Energy equals Fire + Fire
  • Heat + Air = Metal Heat + Stone = Metal

Metal Recipe 3 

This recipe combines Ore and Heat to make metal.

  • Mud is formed when water and earth combine.
  • Pressure equals Air + Air
  • Stone equals Earth + Pressure
  • Clay is formed by combining mud and stone.
  • Puddle = Water + Water
  • Pond equals Puddle plus Puddle

Step 3: Testing and experimenting

This step is all about testing and experimenting. You can experiment by using your metal at camps or as tools. You will realize their strength-to-weight ratio is great. You can also test them by comparing them with your peers. 

Think of all the fun-filled activities you can do!! 

Metal crafting in Little Alchemy can be difficult but not impossible. The appropriate building blocks must first be created to generate metal, which entails mixing elements such as air, fire, and earth. 

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Tips and strategies for making metal in Little Alchemy.

Begin with the fundamentals

  • It is critical to begin with the fundamental components that can be utilized to build the base metals, such as iron and steel while manufacturing metal in Little Alchemy. 
  • Air and earth are two essential components of every Little Alchemy metal manufacturing process, therefore, mix them first. 
  • You may start making more sophisticated metals when you have those two elements.

Use the appropriate combinations

  • Employing the correct element combinations while crafting metal in Little Alchemy is critical. 
  • When you combine fire and earth, you get lava; when you combine air and energy, you get lightning. 
  • Steel is formed by mixing these three elements, whereas iron combines air, energy, and earth.

Experiment with various combinations.

Don’t hesitate to try different element combinations when producing metal in Little Alchemy. Mixing fire and lava produces bronze, whereas mixing iron and magnetism produces aluminum or rust. You can create unique combos that produce intriguing outcomes!

There are almost 700 possible combinations, and there is no penalty for exploring whatever idea comes to mind. The blending of evident components present in the world around you results in some intriguing combinations. 

Some of the outcomes are abstract. If all else fails, try random combinations until you find something fresh and fascinating. Before you realize it, you’ll have opened up many new doors to success.

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Advanced Combination

Consider current scientific hypotheses on how the Earth was created to get you started. 

  • Most of the earth is made up of lava that has cooled to create rock, and varied rocks are frequently the consequence of pressure and heat. 
  • Water is also essential since it may degrade various materials over time. 
  • If you can build certain essential components, you may intuitively mix them to create interesting combinations in Little Alchemy 2.

Here’s How To Do It-

  • Hold your mouse button on an object you made by mixing two objects for a minute. 
  • You’ll see a tooltip indicating the two things you combined to make that particular combination. 
  • The list will also include information about combinations you’ve discovered that require that component and the number of unknown objects you’ve yet to make with that component. 
  • You can also duplicate an item in your workspace by double-tapping it without going through your list.


If you mix two of the same things, remember to verify the outcome frequently. One example is when brick and brick are combined to form a wall. 

To make a home, combine wall and wall. Make a community by combining houses. A city is formed by combining villages. Look for comparable chains in other places.