farmville-butterfly-collectionToday Zynga released a brand new FarmVille collection for us to complete, the Butterfly collection and below you’ll be able to find out everything about this new collection, as well as how to get the FarmVille Butterfly Collection items!

First of, if you want to check out your Butterfly Collection, you can access it by clicking the blue ribbon button and then clicking on “collections”.

How do you get all the FarmVille Butterfly Collectibles? Well, that’s not really easy to do, as you probably know by now from the past collections! The items in the collection are awarded randomly while you perform various tasks. The collectables are awarded randomly, so we need time to get them all:

– Emperor from Gifting
– Painted Lady from Fertilizing
– Blue Butterfly for Harvesting Trees
– Swallowtail from Fertilizing
– Zebra from Harvesting Trees
– Copper for Harvesting Trees

A really cool new collection and very cute, it seems. Is this your favorite FarmVille collection or not?