farmville-email-updates01It seems that Facebook will change a bit the rules of sending notifications and game updates, therefore Zynga decided to offer their players some incentives in order to sign up for email updates for their hit Facebook game, FarmVille. Read on to find out everything about the FarmVille email updates, including how to sign up for the updates and what awards can you win!

First of all, let’s see how to sign up for FarmVille email updates! You will have to log in to your FarmVille account and click on the “Love FarmVille?” tab in the upper side of the game screen (near Zynga’s logo). There you will see an image similar to the one in the left corner (click to enlarge) and you’ll have to click the Sign Up Now button, then confirm your request.

After doing so, you simply have to click the “Play” button to get back to your farm and you’ll receive a pop-up message thanking you for signing up for the FarmVille updates via email. Also, you will receive in your gift box a Carrier Pigeons decoration, a pretty cool animated decoration (captured in the image below) that will make your farm look better:


So, why should you sign up for the FarmVille Email Updates? Because you will receive notifications from Zynga regarding the special in-game events, apart from the new decorative item. Let’s just hope they won’t drive us crazy with the number of e-mails!

Do you plan on subscribing for the FarmVille email updates?