League of Legends is an incredibly complex game with game mechanisms that are hard to wrap your head around. That’s why there is no straightforward path for you to improve in the game, and it is important to pursue a few different strategies together to ensure you improve on all fronts and have a better experience playing. This article will help you get better by telling you a few strategies and facts you need to keep in mind – you won’t get better immediately, but with time, you’ll see your playstyle improve greatly. Who knows? You might even get so good you’ll participate in the next competitive tournament.

Kill Champions

If you want to improve and get better equipment, you need money in the game. While you can spend money on booster packs and other microtransactions, that’s not a sustainable model. You need a way to constantly get hold of a good amount of gold so you can spend it on equipment and upgrades. Killing champions seems to be the fastest way of doing this. You can get around three hundred to a thousand gold depending on how and which champion you kill. Especially early on, this money can be put to good use helping you level up quicker.

Always Keep an Eye on the Map

Keeping an eye on the map is your ticket to victory. There are a lot of strategic and tactical views to each match, and without keeping a tight eye on the map, you’ll virtually be blind and won’t be able to effectively plan ahead. However, if you haven’t played a lot of games where the map is crucial, it can be extremely difficult for you to focus on the screen and the map at the same time. You’ll need a lot of training and time until you get used to it. Try eyeing the map every other minute at the start, then go on from there and start making it a habit.

Adapt Your Playstyle to Different Objectives

What’s your current objective while playing? You have to constantly ask yourself that. If your objective is to gain a lot of EXP, you’ll need a certain playstyle. If your objective is gold, you need another. Due to the complexity of the game, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy you can use. For example, if you want to level up faster, you need to choose an aggressive playstyle that would let you beat the missions faster. But if you want to win at any cost and don’t care about the time, you’re probably better off going for a slower more strategic approach. Your playstyle by the server you’re on might change too. EUNE accounts will have different events from NA accounts, and you should keep that in mind.

Using Money to Get Better

There are microtransactions in LoL for a reason, and you shouldn’t rule out spending money on the game to get better. Because there’s so much you can do without spending some money on microtransactions. You’ll eventually hit a plateau that you can’t easily escape otherwise. Of course, officially paying Riot Games isn’t the only way you can get items and money. As we’ve mentioned, you can buy LoL leveled accounts for an extremely low price, and you don’t have to worry about leveling up and acquiring heroes.