One really annoying problem users get when they try to play Football Manager 2011 is related to Black screen or White screen issues that make the game unplayable. Fortunately, we have to share with you some tips on hot to fix these Football Manger 2011 Black scree or White Screen problems and fully enjoy the game!

There are three probable causes for you getting a white or black frozen screen upon starting the game: The First reason could be that your Cache files have become corrupted and deleting them will fix the issue. To do this follow either of these paths depending on your Operating System.

Windows XP:


Vista and Windows 7:

C:\Users\\App Data\Roaming

Once you can see inside those folders delete the Sports Interactive Folder. If you can’t see those folders you will have to make “Hidden” files viewable.

For Vista and Windows 7:

In a window, go to ‘Organize’->’Folder and Search Options’->’View’-> and select ‘Show hidden files and folders’.

For XP:

Make sure you are able to see hidden folders:

When in a window, go to ‘Tools’->’Folder Options’->’View’-> and make sure ‘Show hidden files and folders’ is selected.

Also some users have reported getting around the ‘Black Screen’ issue by creating a new account on their version of Windows and starting the game through this user. We suggest doing so if the above advice does not work for you.