Dead Space 2 is now out and fortunately – unlike most of the other major games released lately – it is not plagued by problems to drive us all crazy. However, there are still some issues like Dead Space 2 black screen problems, freezes and crashes and a missing menu that affect a few players out there and we’re here to help with this short article on how to fix Dead Space 2 Black Screen issues and game crashes.

1. How to fix Dead Space 2 Black Screen

This usually happens on steam versions of the game. Before attempting any changes, make a back-up of the settings.txt file. Next, here is what to do:

Windows XP owners, go to C:/Documents and Settings/Your_User_Name/Local Settings/Application Data/Electronic Arts/Dead Space/ (Windows 7 owner should go to C:/Users/User Name/AppData/Local/Electronic Arts/Dead Space) and make sure that your folder options are set to show the hidden files and folders, then change the settings.txt file with the next file parameters:

Window.Top = 0
Window.Left = 0

2. How to fix Dead Space 2 Crashes, Black Screen and other issues

As strange as this might sound, if you have an USB controller (pedals, controller, anything) plugged in, it might make the game not work and crash. Just unplug the usb and your game should work fine.

Do you have any other problems when trying to play Dead Space 2?


  1. I was planning on trying this, but I have a slight problem. I do not have the settings.txt file. I have show hidden files enabled, and I went to the correct folder through appdata. But in the folder, it is empty. I was thinking, if I had the correct info, I could simply make it. But, I cannot find the information listed in the settings.txt for deadspace 2 (not sure if that would even work).

    So I was wondering, could ya in like a sub section, list the actual details of the settings.txt for those have also have the same issue? And out of curiosity, were there any other files in there, or just settings.txt?

  2. How to fix Dead Space 2 Black Screen

    I’ve been trying everything to fix this problem for a week now. Finally, I reformated my harddrive, reinstalled Vista, updated Vista updates (essentials) twice, loaded Dead Space 2, connected to internet, ran Dead Space 2 and It worked!

    It had nothing to do with my Video Card or Memory or drivers. I think it was my Registry. I did however try one of those Registry Cleanup programs but it only made things worse (I think they are scam programs anyway).

    Hope this helps.

  3. If you do not have the settings file:

    Audio.AltNameColor = false
    Audio.MusicVol = 1.00000000
    Audio.Output = 0
    Audio.SFXVol = 1.00000000
    Audio.Subtitles = true
    Audio.VoiceVol = 1.00000000
    Control.AimAssistEnabled = true
    Control.AimingPosition = 1
    Control.ControllerSensitivity = 2
    Control.FireButtonControls = true
    Control.InvertX = false
    Control.InvertY = false
    Control.MouseSensitivity = 0.50000000
    Control.Shock = true
    Controls.AcL.X = 0x0104017E
    Controls.AcL.Y = 0x00020800
    Game.PDiff = -1
    Game.Played = 0
    Misc.LastSaveSlot = 0
    QualityOptions.ActorMotionBlur = true
    QualityOptions.Bloom = true
    QualityOptions.Blur = true
    QualityOptions.ConfigType = 1
    QualityOptions.Decals = true
    QualityOptions.Distortion = true
    QualityOptions.DoF = true
    QualityOptions.EdgeAA = true
    QualityOptions.Flare = true
    QualityOptions.Glow = true
    QualityOptions.HighLightQuality = true
    QualityOptions.ManipColor = true
    QualityOptions.ShaderQuality = 2
    QualityOptions.Shadows = 3
    Window.Fullscreen = true
    Window.Gamma = 0.26000023
    Window.Height = 768
    Window.Hz = 60
    Window.Left = 0
    Window.MessageNotification = 1
    Window.State = 0
    Window.Top = 0
    Window.VSync = false
    Window.Width = 1360

    Call the file ‘settings’

  4. i have different problem.
    When the game begins, the character and the scenario appears all transparent. I’ve never seen that before.but you saved me dude xD

    I Just plugged out my 360 usb controller, now evething works fine.

  5. The game has been fine… until… I got to Reunion Chapel. The second I open the door the game crashes. I’ve put in a ticket with EA but so far no reply.

    Running Windows 7 64 bit…

    • Hi Jeff.

      It unfortunately didn´t help. I turned off everything in visual settings and tryed it, but it crashes again. I don´t really know, what to do now. :(

      Anyway thank you very much :)

  6. I overcame the problem I had above by changing the resolution to 640×480, 60hz, turning off vsync, graphic quality to low and notification off.

    Don’t know why but it got me through the door. After I was in, set all my settings back to where they were and I can now go in and out of the door without a problem…

    Go figure…

    Hope this helps you Luke.

    I’m now stuck at the end, just prior to the big boss. I cannot get past Issac. He keeps killing me no matter how I hit the “E” key. Any help here would be appreciated.

    Luke – Let us know if this helps you too… I hope it does.


  7. Hi Jeff,

    It unfortunately didn´t help. I turned off everything in visual settings and tryed it, but it crashes again. I don´t really know, what to do now. :(

    Anyway thank you very much :)

  8. Hi guyz. My game crashes at chapter 5 when i enter the rm where the dead are kept. When i open the third door, it crashes. Cn any1 hlp?

  9. When I try to play this game the screen became all black, and for exit i must press “alt+f4” and he ask me “you’re gonna lose your saves!”. I can’t even see the menu.

    I don’t have a setting.txt, I create one, but don’t works.

    Then I realize that I have a Ati hd 2400 and 2,00 Ghz AMD Turion64x2..
    Maybe this is my problem?
    Because, I have other games with high requirements but never had problems..


  10. i’m having a weird issue with the game related to the black screen. But it happens at RANDOM, the entire screen blacks out, crashes my compute and makes a buzzing noise through the speakers. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with it, but THEY NEED TO FIX IT!

  11. i am having this prob with dead spc2 is that in chapter 7 while going to the solar arreys after disabling eti.the game crashes with out any indication.pls hlp me out


    the same thing HAPPEND to me, the game crashed at chapter 8, to fix it you’ll need to downloaded a certain crack. unfortunetley I dont have the link but I bet you can find it on your own like i did.
    hope this helped you too.

  13. I just got DS2 through Origin. I kept getting the black screen every time I tried to set the screen resolution. I did not have a settings file, but I found that if I launched the game made a change to the audio settings and exited, the file was saved.

    I was then able to edit the file to plug in 1680×1050. I fired the game back up, and no more black screen. The developers did a very bad job on quality control.

  14. Steven,

    I’m on Windows 7, so the tip listed above worked. The file location is:

    C:/Users/[Your User Name]/AppData/Local/Electronic Arts/Dead Space

    Until you change a setting, any setting, apply the change, and finally quit, you won’t see a settings file. I changed the audio volume, applied the change, and quit.

  15. It’s weird. I unplugged my USB wired X-Box360 controller and it actually did start working. Very friggin’ strange.

    Windows 7 67bit

  16. for anyone who still has a problem with a black screen…i have a very simple solution: go find the deadspace2.exe file…right click it and “run as administrator” you’re welcome.

  17. hi

    when i click on new game , it stuck on loading until forever….

    i used of another savegame for another levels , but on all levels this happened,

    language was russian that i changed it to english ,

    my game: Dead space 2 limited edition
    please help

  18. hi,
    when i m trying to open dead space 2 ,”your graphics card does not meet the minimum dead space 2 requirements” is displayed in spite of being my laptop having video memory of 1gb with graphics card of ati mobility radeon 5650…please help.

  19. I have an orgin problem when starting games, but i don’t have that file called app data. and i have windows 7 ultimate, did they change something in ultimate?

  20. when i play the game and im attacked by an enemy it tells me to hit a certain button but i cant se what that button is because the top and bottom of the screen have black bars going across the top and bottom can you change the video settings somehow?


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