After playing a bit more Bubble Town: Party Planet, I have realized that you can’t really get any in-game pop-ups telling you what the power-ups do and that might be a bit frustrating for the newer player who still has to learn what each power up does. Therefore, I have decided to create this guide to Bubble Town power-ups and share it with you.

Here is the list of power-ups available in the game and their effects:

* Wild Borb – Match Borbs of any color on the board
* Plunger – Nab ANY item on the board and drop it in your cannon
* BubbleBubble – Change the color of any Borbs it touches
* HotFoot – Drop down ALL borbs in its path
* SureShot – Perfect accuracy for the next 3 shots
* Pushback – Push the DANGER ZONE back one step
* ShakeShack – Remove jelly fish, shrouds, and wake sleeping borbs
* Borb Gone Wild – Matches borbs of any color on the board. Double any points scored on the shot
* Spin Stopper – Ball mode only. Stop rotation for 3 shots
* Mystery Load – Reload your borb tube with random borbs
* The Clockwiser – Ball mode only. Rotate borbs clockwise once

I’m sure that now it will be a lot easier for you to create your strategy!


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