Valentines Day is coming and Zynga is preparing FarmVille and its players for it. The new feature that has just been launched is called the FarmVille Valentines Mailbox and I’m sure you want to know everything about it, so I’m here to share a guide with you about this cool new feature.

Love is in the air in FarmVille, and you’ll receive your Valentines Day Mailbox for free, and get the chance to place it wherever you wish to. Once you do so, you can click it and check the “look inside” option to see your stats, as well as the first set of items you can redeem (there are more coming soon, so don’t feel disappointed if you don’t really like what you see!)

Next, your goal is to gather as many Valentines as possible. There are multiple ways of earning them, like:

– Harvesting your Cupid’s Castle.
– Requesting a Valentine from your neighbors directly (by clicking on the “Ask for More” button).
– Receive a Valentine from a neighbor who uses the Free Gifts page (or click on “Send Valentines”).
– Purchase 5 Valentines at a time by clicking on the “Buy Valentines” button (for 5 Farm Cash).
– Click on a Valentine-related feed from a neighbor.

There are different looking valentines that you can receive in FarmVille (like the Love Letters, Stuffed Cow, Chocolates and so on – see them below), but they all count as one valentine in the mailbox, so you don’t really have to strive to get all types.

Once you have enough valentines, you can exchange them to redeem prizes, but don’t hurry to consume all of them since more rewards (requiring more valentines) are coming soon to FarmVille. Until then, make sure you check back soon here on Unigamesity since we’re ready to tell you everything about the redeem prizes and the Valentines goals!