Now that you have your Valentines Mailbox set up in FarmVille and valentines are starting to flow, I’m sure you are curious to find out what are the prizes that can be redeemed from the valentines mailbox in the game. I have the list to share and you can see it for yourself in the game, by clicking the “Look inside” option of the valentines mailbox.

Here are the items you can redeem from the Valentines Mailbox (and prices):

1 valentines: Red Heart Hay
3 valentines: Yellow Rose Stand
10 valentines: Fancy Carriage
20 valentines: Luv Ewe
30 valentines: Giant Teddy
50 valentines: Valentine Ram

There are rumors, however, that more redeem prizes are on the way, so don’t hurry to exchange all your valentines for these redeemable prizes!