There is a new mission that has gone live today in FarmVille and it’s all about love: Love Is in the Air is the name of the new FarmVille mission (in a series of three new ones) and I’m sharing with you all the details that you need to know about it!

Here’s the description of the mission: “Howdy! My favorite boar is searching for that special sow. She’s lost on your farm and won’t return until he collects enough valentines.” In other words, here are the requirements for completing the Love is in the air mission:

– Buy 1 Valentines Mailbox
– Harvest 200 Lilacs
– Add 10 Valentine’s to your Valentines Mailbox

In order to add valentines to your FarmVille Valentines Mailbox, you need to get them from friends, harvest them from Cupid’s Castle or simply purchase them from the market.