I am still playing Heroes of Might and Magic III and I must admit that I still consider it the best game in the series – and one of my all time favorites – but I am also enjoying for the moment Might and Magic Heroes VI (or we could just call it what it is – Heroes of Might and Magic VI or HoMM 6). Still, there are many reports from players all over the world regarding game crashes and freezes that take away the fun of playing the game. Fortunately, I am here to help you fix the Heroes VI crashes and freezes and other problems that there might be!

How to fix crashes when you connect to the Conflux

1. Download this file here.
2. Extract the content of the archive (a BAT file) in your Heroes VI folder
3. Launch the BAT file. It will reset your Online profile (meaning that you will lose your custom heroes, dynasty weapons and online saves!)

How to fix Heroes 6 crashes to desktop – random crashes or crashes when starting the game

According to fixes posted on the official forums:

1. When the Game Launcher appears, go to “settings” and uncheck “Enable save game synching”.
2. Go to: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegame_storage\[an alphanumeric code]\[a folder with a number]
3. Note : some of these files are hidden and you may need to unhide them via Windows Folder Options.
4. Delete those folders with the save games and restart the game.

If this does not work, bassemandere on the official forums has another suggestion:

1. Go to Documents/Might & Magic Heroes VI/(username)/ there open “ProfileData”

2. Open Profile data with Notepad, and make sure ‘word wrap’ is on. Then change this :




3. Also lower your resolution. Mine was

<gfx_Resolution >1600×900</gfx_Resolution>


<gfx_Resolution >1360×768</gfx_Resolution>

– please note that you can change to an even lower resolution, like 1280×800 or 1280×768. The idea is that a lower resolution is better!

How to fix “Failed to load configuration. Please restart the game. If the error persists please contact Ubisoft support” error message

You could try to contact Ubisoft first, or you could try the workaround below:

Go to C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc and open the hosts file in notepad.

1: Change the file to what you want it to be. Basically remove everything below these lines;

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
# localhost
# ::1 localhost

2: Save it to your documents.

3: Go to documents folder after you saved it.

4: Push Alt and a tool bar should show up.

5: Click tools select folder options and click on the view tab.

6: Find were it says “Hide extensions for known file types”.

7: Click on that and make sure its off and click okay.

8: Now your hosts file you saved in documents should say “hosts.txt” just change the name to just “hosts” no .txt or .exe or anything like that just hosts.

9: Save the file to “OS C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc” and replace the old file with the new one

Alternately, some people suggest that uninstalling the Ubisoft launcher (not the entire HoMM 6 or Heroes VI game!) and reinstalling it from here solved it!

How to fix Blinking Cursor Problem in Homm6

1. While at the game menu screen, select Options on the right side then under the Video tab make sure uncheck VSync which is located on the left side (it might just reduce flickering, but you should definitely try it!)

2. Set the refresh rate from the game’s menu to 59 (or use a program like dtoxy to do that)

And this should be it! Hope this fixes your crashes, freezes and other problems you have with Heroes VI. Let us know in your comments below if you have any other problems with HoMM6 or maybe some extra solutions that were not posted here!