It’s been a while since Zynga released some new missions for us to complete in Cafe World and that’s good because I managed to complete some of the old goals and honestly I was starting to feel the need for a new challenge. And it came as the Sandwich Counter missions series – a mission series in Cafe World that I am going to tell you everything about in this guide below!

Sal’s Sandwiches! mission

– Place Sandwich Counter
– Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 15 Times
– Ask for 5 Sandwich Bread
Rewards: 100 coins and 100 Cafe Points

Peanut Butter Jelly mission

– Serve Basil Finger Sandwiches
– Ask for 8 Peanut Butter Jars
– Ask for 8 Jelly Jars
Rewards: PBJ recipe unlocked

Better with Bacon! mission

– Serve PBJ 20 Times
– Ask for 8 Vine Ripened Tomatoes
– Ask for 8 Thick Cut Bacon
Reward: BLT Sandwich recipe unlocked

Viva Cuba! mission

– Complete the Sandwich Counter
– Serve BLT 20 Times
– Ask for 8 Cuban Bread Loafs
Reward: Cuban Sandwich recipe unlocked

Ryeway Highway! mission

– Serve Cuban Sandwiches 20 Times
– Ask for 7 Rye Bread Loafs
– Ask for 10 Pastrami Slices
Reward: Pastrami on Rye sandwich recipe unlocked

Groovin’ Reuben

– Serve Pastrami on Rye 20 Times
– Ask for 8 Sauerkraut
– Ask for 8 Corned Beef Slices
Reward: Reuben Sandwich recipe unlocked

Sandwich King

– Serve Reuben Sandwich 20 Times
– Ask for 10 Ham and Turkey Slices
– Ask for 10 Sticks of Butter
Reward: Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe unlocked

Well… it appears that we’ll have to spend quite some time mastering the Sandwich Counter missions in the game!


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