If you enjoy playing roulette, poker, slots or any other casino games – you’d surely be happy to know that there are certain casinos that are offer wager free bonuses. If you’re not familiar with the term, wager free means that you the bonuses will be given you instantly – without any certain requirements.

For example, there are casinos that are claiming to offer you 100 or 200 or 300 free spins. And that’s true. But to be able to withdraw the cash – that’s where it becomes complicated. Basically, you need to play the money that you currently have in your account to unlock the bonus money. So, you can win $1000 in bonus money – but you need to play those at least a couple of times and respect some certain requirements to be able to withdraw those.

But there are certain casinos that are offering a wager-free bonus.This means that you could easily make a few bucks there without depositing any money or by depositing some money but by playing the bonus one first.

How you can find the best casino bonuses

Firstly, you need to do a bit of research. Wager-free bonuses are not so hard to find, but not so easy either. There are some casinos that are offering a welcome bonus or some that offers you a few free spins.

Google is your friend here. As I’ve said – you need to do a bit of research. Terms like “Wager free bonuses” or “no wager free spins”can lead you to interesting websites that will help you pick a casino with a great no wager bonus.

After you’ve picked one or two or more, be sure that the selected casinos are accepted in your country and check if they have your favorite games. You can also see if the wager free bonus is still live by checking the casino’s promotions.

Now, if you’ve already have a few casinos that you wanna play, be sure to first check out on Google terms like “x casino review” or “x casino wager free bonuses”. Sometimes, the casinos offer this type of bonuses to respectable websites that write news about casinos.

If you’ve checked the casino’s reputation, the bonuses that they have available and if the casinos is accepted in your country – you’re more likely good to go. And if you don’t get the bonus when you sign up, you can always contact customer support explaining what the issue is.

Why do casino offer this type of bonuses?

The hardest thing to do when starting a casino is getting the customers. That’s why all the new casinos are having wager free bonuses and tempting offers. But when you have the clients, you need to make sure that they’re happy. So, a lot of respectable casinos have Loyalty programs which offer different rewards to players depending on how much they’ve played or spend.


If you’re looking to test a casino, you have better options than playing with your own money. Just remember to gamble responsible and don’t play more than you can afford to lose.