If you’re a RPG enthusiast like most of us – you’ve probably played the Gothic series. Gothic 3 is probably not the greatest RPG ever made, but its a great open world one where you can spend hundreds of hours doing the side quests and developing your character as you wish. But of course, people found ways to make it easier to play – such as creating Gothic 3 cheats that would help you increase your stats, getting items and a lot of other fun things.

How Can You Activate Cheats in Gothic 3

  1. Firstly, you need to open the g3.ini file from Gothic3/Ini folder and edit it with Notepad. If you can’t find the file, you can also search it using the Windows search function.
  2. In the notepad, you need to edit the part that says :






This will allow you use cheats in Gothic 3. Below is the list of cheat codes that you can add if you play [~] (Tilde) in game. This will bring up the console where you can insert the cheats that are bolded below:

  • Add learnings points – Teach LP <number>
  • Get All Armors – Give Cat_Armor
  • Get All Artifacts – Give Cat_Artefact
  • Gain All Weapons – Give Cat_Weapon
  • Gain All Items – give all 
  • Control the Camera – Watch 
  • Control Character – Control 
  • Give a specific Item – Give [item name]
  • Gives all items and skills  – idkfa
  • Gives all Armors – give Cat_Armor #
  • Give all Herbs, Potions or Foods – give Cat_Alchemy #
  • Gives all Miscellaneous Items from the game – give Cat_Misc #
  • Gives all Teleport Stones, Ancient Stones and Spellscrolls – give Cat_Artefact # 
  • Gives all Weapons – give Cat_Weapon # 
  • Set the Player to full health – fullhealth
  • Get a certain number of gold – Give gold [number]
  • God Mode – God
  • Invisible Mode – Invisibility
  • Kills a target – Kill
  • Learn all skills (lower stats to 0) – Teach all  
  • Set Alchemy level – Teach ALC <number> 
  • Set Dexterity level – Teach DEX <number>
  • Set Energy – Teach SP <number>
  • Set Health – Teach HP <number>
  • Set Intelligence Level – Teach INT <number>
  • Set Mana – Teach MP <number>
  • Set Smith Level –  Teach SMT <number>
  • Set Strength Level – Teach STR <number>
  • Set Thief Level – Teach THF <number>
  • Spawn Item or Creatured – Spawn [item name] 

The full list with items code can be found here.

Gothic 3 Secrets – MARVIN 

  1. You need to type MARVIN very fast. If the Marvin mode will be active, you’ll see a message saying “marvin mode activated”.
  2. Press the ~ button to open the console
  3. write “spawn sh” (without the quotation marks )
  4. An in game helper will appear. After you talk with him, you’d have options to increase faction reputation or spawn different items. Also, it can be used to move forward in the main quests.
  5. To turn off the mode, you can type again MARVIN very fast and you’d get a message saying “marvin mode deactivated”.