How to Cook Honey Wine in BDO

Cooking is one of the best life skills in BDO as it is a good way to earn XP and silver, meanwhile getting access to the best-boosting elixirs. There are different recipes you can cook in the game once you have got your ingredients and utensils needed.

Different recipes have different effects, and you can get rewards and a higher success rate on the basis of the recipes you choose. Wine and the more profitable Honey Wine along with the Tangy Honey Wine (the more effective product that you might acquire during the process) are such recipes that provide damage reduction as well as a good profit from the Imperial Delivery NPC.

Here are all the materials you need and the steps you have to follow to cook your own Honey Wine!

The Recipe

To cook honey wine, you need to have four materials:

  • Cooking Honey x3
  • Essence of Liquor x2
  • Mineral Water x6
  • Sugar x2

You can either purchase the needed amount of Cooking Honey and Essence of Liquor from the marketplace or make them yourself. Water and sugar need to be acquired via a tavern vendor specifically. These vendors are easy to find around taverns in major locations and towns.

A point to be noted is that the water needs to be specifically from the tavern vendor, bottled river water won’t do, and make sure the sugar is regular and not raw.

Cooking Honey

Now the first thing you have to do is get Cooking Honey. If you have decided to purchase it, then you can go ahead with other sections but if you want to make it by yourself, then read on!

There are two ways to make your own cooking honey:

  • You can shoot a beehive, grinding it after to make your own cooking honey.
  • A worker node in Alejandro’s Farm, North-West of Heidel, creates cooking honey. Assigning a worker to that node after investing in it can get you quite a good quantity of cooking honey in a relatively less amount of time and effort.

You can go for either of the methods, but the first one can be quite time consuming, so according to your preference and available resources, go for the method best suited to you.

Essence of Liquor

If you have decided to make the needed quantity of Essence of Liquor on your own rather than purchasing it, you would need these materials:

  • Fruit x1
  • Flour x2
  • Leavening Agent

You can either gather fruit or buy it from the main market. If you want to gather it, you can invest in a worker node producing grapes, in Costa’s Farm, East of Olivia. Just like with cooking honey, buying a node, and assigning a worker for it is the surefire way to get a good amount of fruit in a relatively short time.

For flour, you can either buy it or make it from processing grains like wheat, barley, etc.. It’s fairly easy, and you just need to press L, which will open the screen with an option for processing. Once on the screen, you can select the option for ‘grinding’ and select the materials you wish to process. You will acquire an average of flour x2.5 for each grain you process once your cooking skill has leveled up enough.

The leavening agent can be purchased from a tavern vendor. When you gather the ingredients, just put them all in the utensil to cook the necessary amount of Liquor Essence. Only put in the amount of ingredients needed for one batch exactly as anything more will be lost in vain, and anything less can potentially result in failure.

Start the crafting process after you have everything in place. One batch can give you an average of 2.5 Essence of Liqueur when your skill level is on the higher side.

Honey Wine

Now for the final step, and that is to actually cook the Honey Wine. Since you have all the needed ingredients for the recipe, including Cooking Honey, Essence of Liquor, Sugar, and Water, just place them into the utensil in the exact amount required for cooking one batch of the product and initiate the cooking procedure.

When it’s done, you can either keep it for further use or divide it into packs and turn it over to the Imperial Delivery NPC and earn a profit. The quantity needed to create one pack to sell is Honey Wine x50, but the profit is good, the ingredients common, and the recipe relatively easy to make even for beginners.


And that’s it! Cooking Honey Wine is pretty simple and yet is a profitable commodity that you can make use of in various ways. Apart from its damage reduction benefit, which is on the lower side and not very useful as per se, it holds value as an imperial product and can also be used to level up your cooking and processing skills at the same time.

So go ahead and try it! I hope this simple guide helps you through the process and happy gaming and while you’re at it check out my amazing review on the next-gen VR supported graphics card.