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Generally, a casino withdrawal takes up to 5 days to process the payments. However, processing the
withdrawal of your winnings may differ depending on which casino you’re playing at. Also, withdrawal varies based on your choice of payment method. Thus, it is important for you to get to know how different withdrawal payment works. Read more to know how you can get your hands on your casino winnings!

Payment methods have different processing times

Today, casinos have added a number of methods wherein players can withdraw their winnings.
Here are some payment methods you have to know about and how long each method processes casino

Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card

Using this option is considered the most common payment method for most casino players. It is popular as most people have credit or debit cards on hand. Besides this, these cards are regarded as a reliable way of withdrawing payments. What’s more, it is directly linked to your bank accounts which makes it secure to transfer funds.
The payout for this option occurs almost immediately. Specifically, it takes 1-3 working days to process the withdrawal.


This method allows you to store and transfer your funds in a digital wallet. It’s quite popular among players as it provides convenience. It is easy to use and, most of the time does not have any transaction fees. Some of the most common e-wallets used by casino players include Skrill and Neteller.
Most importantly, the payout almost happens immediately for this type of method. If not, the maximum
withdrawal processing time is up to 3 days.

Bank Transfer

As it offers a more secure payment option, bank transfers are one of the main payment methods offered by casinos. Particularly, this option is subject to strict identity verification of players to prevent fraud.
While it offers security, withdrawal time for bank transfers takes some time to process. To withdraw, it takes about 2-4 business days for the transfer to progress.

Which payment method should I choose?

When it comes to picking the best withdrawal option for you, these two words should come into mind:
preference and security. No one can dictate the “right” or the “best” option for you. After you’ve done your research, weigh the pros and cons of each method. Surely, there is that one option that you’ll find perfect for you! In fact, it has to be the method that fits your gameplay and need, aside from being convenient for you. Now, if you have done that, take also the time to consider its security. Most casinos and payment options ask players for personal and banking information. Therefore, it is only right to choose the method that offers the highest protection and safety. It should be a method that has already been tested and proven.

Withdrawing casino wins in today’s time

With the advancement of technology, casinos leveraged the use of such to make your casino withdrawals quick, easy, and secure. One of which is machine learning. This alternative intelligence technology sets algorithms for AI systems. Consequently, these algorithms make quicker and simpler payouts. In fact, you can even withdraw your funds fast or even under one hour!
Visit and learn more about how machine learning helps improve withdrawal speed.