Zynga has decided to give us a chance to get rid of all the unneeded items in FarmVille and even to get some coins for our trouble and therefore they have created the Flea Market, a very useful building for those who have been gathering a ton of items in FarmVille and considered selling them for a profit.

However, you can’t sell just anything you want at the Flea Market in FarmVille. Instead, its owner Claire will visit you every three days with an offer of items that she wants to purchase but you can only sell from one of your farms. Practically, this means that if you want to sell an item on your main farm, you won’t be able to travel to your Winter Wonderland and sell another. But prior to selling, you can make a choice and decide what item is the best to sell from any of your farms.

So basically, the thing that you should do when it comes to the Flea Market is to check out all of Claire’s offers for all farms and decide which item is best to be sold. So really, in the end, we won’t be getting rid of the most useless items of ours in FarmVille, but instead work hard to get the biggest profit. Works fine with me anyway!